DaVinci Workstation-CCTV

Is your technology ready for the junkyard?



      DaVinci workstation

You may be asking yourself: how does this benefit me?


The DaVinci workstation helps students:

  • Super-Sharp Image — See everything in brilliant true-to-life colors
  • Wide Field of View — Get Things Done with more speed, Read Faster and Longer, while reducing eye fatigue
  • Has built in OCR “Text to speech” reader — makes voluminous reading much easier
  • Distance Camera — for viewing blackboard, whiteboard, Promethean boards, all things in classroom
  • 18” of Workspace — for easier writing tasks, testing and for viewing large objects. 
  • iPad and PC compatibility — for easier web access, and increased productivity
  • Transportable — only 22 lbs, optional carry case
  • Rugged CCTV Table — for wheeling and transporting between classes

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Optional considerations for Disability Coordinators: