New Supplier: Index

Please help us welcome another new supplier: Index
Index is the leading braille printer manufacturer worldwide. For 30 years, the Index brand has meant quality and affordability.

Index braille embossers offer the best dot quality, speech feedback, tactile/braille interface and more, at or below the price of competing braille printers.

  • Faster embossing speeds
  • Better user interface
  • Lighter-weight for portability
  • More robust and trouble-free hardware
  • Network ready
  • Embedded web interface to navigate controls via the internet
  • Printer drivers compatible with Windows and Macs

Local US Support! Index products are built to last with robust hardware that extends the life of the embosser but with local service centers located throughout the US you can be assured that if an issue does arise it will be resolved quickly!

Photo of Basic-D V4 embosser

  • 100 characters/second – fastest braille embosser at the price!
  • Quality double-sided Braille – the industry standard
  • High-resolution tactile graphics
  • Compact size – can go with you everywhere
  • Tractor feed paper – the most reliable sheet feeding technology!
  • To learn even more about the Basic-D V4 please click HERE


Photo of Everest-D V4 embosser






  • 100 characters/second
  • Quality double-side braille – the industry standard
  • High-resolution tactile graphics
  • 50 pages of standard cut-sheet paper *with new sheet-feeding technology
  • Wide range of media types and sizes available
  • Automatic magazine formatting/embossing
  • To learn even more about the Everest-D V4 please click HERE

Photo of Braille Box V4 embosser






  • 300 characters/second – fastest production embosser at the price
  • High capacity production – holding up to 400 cut sheet pages
  • Automatic magazine format – hassle free book printing
  • Noise canceling design
  • 5 X globally renowned design award winner
  • Multi-lingual voice speech feedback
  • Supports Index-direct-Braille, idB
  • To learn even more about the Braille Box V4 please click HERE


We also have embossers from Enabling Technologies and ViewPlus


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