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EYE-PAL Ace Plus

Supplier: ABiSee
Eye-Pal Ace Plus with OCR Magnifier enables you to Enjoy Reading AgainEye-Pal Ace Plus with OCR Magnifier enables you to read ingredients, menus and recipesView and Share your favorite photos (even online) with Eye-Pal Ace Plus with OCR MagnifierStay organized, add reminders, take notes, all with Eye-Pal Ace Plus with OCR MagnifierEye-Pal Ace Plus with Audio Minder Speaks your notes and reminders to youEye-Pal Ace Plus comes with alarm clock, large date and time displayEye-Pal Ace Plus with OCR and magnifier lets you magnify anything—even play your favorite games againEye-Pal Ace Plus is lightweight and portable. It weighs just 3.5 pounds.Eye-Pal Ace Plus allows you to send and receive emailEye-Pal-Ace Text-To-Speech OCR Magnifier

Eye-Pal Ace Plus

With this unique device, in the comfort of your home, along with turning printed text into speech. You can browse the Bookshare online library and download books available with your subscription. You can also download any NFB Newsline® publication you choose onto the device with an NFB Newsline® account. The device is capable of reading these downloaded books and publications the same way it does with scanned documents. Passwords and search criteria can be entered with the large, comfortable controls on the device, or by connecting a keyboard to the USB port. Eye-Pal Ace Plus weighs only 3.5 pounds and is easy to carry around. Its rechargeable battery allows you to stay connected when you’re not near a wall outlet.

  • WiFi Connectivity!
  • Download BOOKS from Bookshare!
  • Download NEWSPAPERS from NFB Newsline!
  • Includes built-in 10″ monitor, no external display to hook-up!
  • View words automatically text wrap at variable sizes on monitor!
  • Portable – only 3.5 pounds!
  • Rechargeable 4 hour + battery!
  • Display words on most Refreshable Braille displays!
  • No fumbling with an external keypad!
  • No unwieldy arms to unfold, install or get in the way!

In addition to standard printed pages, Eye-Pal Ace low vision aid accurately reads other types of printed text:

  • Glossy magazines
  • Fine print
  • Pill bottle labels
  • Product packaging
  • Restaurant menus

EYE-PAL Ace Plus ................................................................................................................ $2,995.00