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Mojo Electronic Battery-Operated Monocular

Supplier: Enhanced Vision
MoJo Product Image


Introducing MoJo

The Only Electronic Monocular Available Today


You Got Your MoJo…?


MoJo is an entirely new market category of electronic video magnifiers. MoJo is a battery-operated monocular electronic telescope video magnifier CCTV.

Mojo with cradleOne of the most amazing benefits of this new product is the field of view, which is approximately 30°.

Most Monocular telescopes, on average have approximately 5° field of view, and so seeing 30° field of view is pretty amazing.

Another amazing benefit is that MoJo has digital zoom capability, that’s right, MoJo has variable magnifications ranging from 1X to 16X.

Standard optical Monocular telescopes only have one power, that’s it.

MoJo has much, much more!

MoJo also has all the primary functionality you would come to expect from an electronic video magnifier CCTV, that is, variable magnification, variable backgrounds, and MoJo has both distance and close viewing, plus it can be used as a standard desktop CCTV.

MoJo it is well worth the price, in fact, for many users of electronic magnifier’s, a MoJo and it’s Docking Stand can actually save you upwards of $1000.

How? — $400 is the average price of a standard Handheld Optical Monocular. Most people have at least two handheld optical Monoculars, since optical Monoculars only have one magnification level. Now we are up to $800. When a low vision user gets home, they also have to be using some type of desktop electronic video magnifier CCTV, which averages about $3000, now we are up to $3800.

MoJo and Docking Stand can be purchased for $2800, and now a user has both a portable and a desktop CCTV, including a distance viewer, and they just saved $1000.

MoJo is only 6oz and comes with a neck lanyard. It’s 13 megapixel Sony camera with autofocus provides amazing clarity for reading signs and placards at a distance, plus reading even up to 4 inches close up.

MoJo is battery operated, and comes with a built in 2.5 hour rechargeable battery, plus a standalone charging station, into which MoJo is placed, when not in use.

So the question is… You got your MoJo?


Contact us today, to schedule a personal consultation with one of our low vision specialists – info@nelowvision.com or call 888-211-6933.

Portable Features:

  • Lightweight 6 oz design with lanyard
  • 13MP Sony® camera with auto focus
  • 4” close-up reading to infinity
  • 1x-16x digital zoom capability
  • Tethered 1.4x telephoto lens for extra 40% optical zoom power
  • Color Select & Find modes
  • 30 degree field of view
  • 3-level brightness control
  • Stand-alone base charging station
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 2.5 hours of continuous use
  • 2 year warranty

Optional Desktop Features:

  • Simple docking stand turns MoJo into a  24” CCTV
  • 13MP Sony ® camera with auto focus
  • 24” high resolution High Definition LCD for best image quality
  • Simple, easy-to-use tactile controls
  • LED lighting for true picture quality
  • Adjustable magnification
  • Multiple viewing modes to optimize contrast and brightness
  • Screen easily pivots horizontally and vertically to provide the most comfortable viewing position
  • Low profile XY table for smooth continuous reading with a user friendly lock mechanism
  • Price for optional docking stand $1,200

Mojo Electronic Battery-Operated Monocular ................................................................................................................ $1,595.00