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Window-Eyes 9, Single User License

Supplier: GW Micro
Window-Eyes Screen Reading Software

Window-Eyes 9 screen reading software is the most stable, secure and customizable screen reader available. Window-Eyes 9 enables people who are blind or visually impaired to be completely independent on a PC and be more successful and productive at school and in the workplace.

Experience What the New Window-Eyes 9 Has to Offer!

Window-Eyes 9 is now available and offers a variety of awesome features including many ways to make your life easier such as the all-new web support. Read on to learn how Window-Eyes 9 will enhance your web browsing experience, enable better communication with colleagues, friends, and family; and make you a more productive professional, student, or home user.

The amazing new features, include:

Greatly improved web support in Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox
  • Support for Accessible Rich Internet Application Suite (ARIA) and HTML 5 providing access to the latest web accessibility technologies
  • Support for dynamic web pages for first-class access to websites
  • Intelligent web support that uses smart algorithms to ensure accurate screen reading
  • New innovative and robust web table support that is the best in the industry
Enhanced ease of use and convenience features
  • Easy to use tool for enhanced text selection, copying, and formatting retention in IE
  • Read websites in IE using the keyboard to control the mouse
  • Access and read columns accurately in IE when using the mouse
  • Interact with sighted friends, family, and co-workers while browsing the web because what you see is what you read
  • Improved responsiveness, making you more efficient and productive
  • Auto-recovery tool allows for greater independence – if another program causes Window-Eyes to stop responding, users may restart Window-Eyes by pressing a hot key
New compatibility support for popular software programs
  • Better support for Microsoft Office Web Apps for enhanced productivity
  • Window-Eyes now offers QuickBooks for Windows support (thanks to the partnership between My Blind Spot and Ai Squared)
  • Outlook meeting request enhancements to improve efficiency in the workplace
  • Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Charts support to help share documents with teachers, students, colleagues, and anyone using these Google services
  • MathPlayer support enabling the first and best possible access to math in Microsoft Word
Even better out-of-the-box experience
  • Improved support for MSAA, which creates a better out-of-the-box experience in programs like Windows Media Player
  • Improved support for the native Outlook calendar
  • Preliminary support for Windows 10

For a complete list of Window-Eyes 9 new features, improvements and changes, please refer to the Window-Eyes 9 Read Me.

SMAs are back

Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA) are back. If you are using the latest version of Window-Eyes, order an SMA and get the next 2 upgrades of Window-Eyes for a special price.

Download your upgrade

If you have purchased a Window-Eyes 9 upgrade, you can download it at www.gwmicro.com/upgrade or activate the Check for Updates option in the Help menu.

Try Window-Eyes

Anyone using the English retail version or the Window-Eyes Offer for Users of Microsoft Office can download and use Window-Eyes 9. For anyone who has a valid license of Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, Window-Eyes can be downloaded for free at www.windoweyesforoffice.com. If you haven’t tried Window-Eyes in a while, give Window-Eyes 9 a try for free today!

Order your upgrade or SMA today!

Call us today at (888) 211-6933 or email us at info@nelowvision.com to place your order.

Window-Eyes 9, Single User License ................................................................................................................ $895.00

Window-Eyes 9, Single User License Features

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Multiple Keyboard Layouts
  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Menu Levels
  • Support for all video systems
  • Read text under the mouse pointer as it moves
  • Switch Braille displays as you go
  • Switch synthesizers as you go
  • Mobile and Network Installation Options
  • Includes Microsoft Speech Software Synthesizer
  • Includes DECtalk Access 32 Feature available at no extra charge
  • Includes 10 Eloquence Voices Feature available at no extra charge
  • Text, PDF, Windows Help, Daisy, HTML Documentation
  • Works with many applications "out of the box." Little or no extra configuration required.