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Supplier: ABiSee

Zoom-Ex: Portable scanner/reader with real-time magnification


Zoom-Ex Tutorials


The Zoom-Ex is the seamless integration of an instant digital scanner and lightning-fast OCR. It allows you to convert any printed text into multiple accessible formats such as speech, large print, MP3 or txt files, within seconds. The Zoom-Ex is easy to use. The foldable stand holds a digital scanning camera that is always at the exact distance needed to create a clear image. Users who have low vision can touch and feel the L-shaped edges of the stand to know exactly where to place the document to be read. The Zoom-Ex can be purchased for use with a PC or Mac computer.

Best of both worlds. Zoom-Ex is now compatible with Kurweil K1000. Learn more…

Zoom-Ex is four powerful tools in one:

  1. Instant Reader: It’s the world’s first instant book-to-speech tool. Our proprietary OCR software provides lightning-fast performance for real-time page-to-speech. Click here for more information.
  2. Smart Magnifier: It’s a magnifier that eliminates the need for an X-Y table and delivers text wrapping on screen for easy reading. Click here for more information.
  3. Book Scanner/Reader: It’s a fast 20ppm scanner (allowing you to keep books bound and intact) that provides OCR. Click here for more information.
  4. Real-time CCTV: This mode allows you to use Zoom-Ex as a CCTV that magnifies up to 12 times on a19” monitor. Click here for more information.

Always handy: Zoom-Ex weighs just one pound and folds up to fit into your laptop bag

Zoom-Ex Features:
Provides real-time page-to-speech
Offers adjustable reading speed to set your preference
Offers adjustable magnification of text as much or as little as you want (up to 40 times)
Words are highlighted as they are read
Enables users to print large font books
Scans up to 20 pages per minute
Provides flexibility for page direction; page orientation does not matter
Converts any printed text into multiple accessible formats such as speech, large print, MP3 or txt files
Provides fast forward and rewind capabilities
Offers the ability to read in 20 languages/voices

Minimum System Requirements

Computer type Windows-based PC Apple Mac Computers
Operating System Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 – 64 bit only OS X Version 10.5 or higher
Processor 2 GHz Pentium or equivalent AMD processor Intel Processor
Memory 1GB 1 GB
Free Space on Hard Drive 1GB 2 GB
USB Port USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Installation Drive DVD DVD


Now compatible with Kurzweil 1000™




ZOOM-EX ................................................................................................................ $1,775.00