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ZoomText 11

Supplier: Ai Squared

ZoomText 11

Elevate Your Experience.  ZoomText 11 evolved to create a product that is easy and powerful.  That meant reevaluating every feature and movement to streamline and elevate your experience.  And the result? More than just a new version of ZoomText – it is the best version of ZoomText… Ever!

New Modern Toolbar. ZoomText has a brand new toolbar with a fresh clean look. We’ve streamlined and modernized the layout to make it easier to learn and fast and fluid to use. And you can access and operate the entire toolbar with the mouse or the keyboard. Go ahead, drive it around.

New Command Keys. We’re shaking things up. ZoomText 11 has a new system of “Command Keys” that are easier to learn and use. The new command keys also eliminate conflicts and compatibility issues that existed in previous versions of ZoomText. Don’t worry, making the transition from your previous version of ZoomText is quick and easy.

New Zoom to 1x. The new Zoom to 1x feature lets you instantly switch between zoomed and 1x views, without having to zoom in and out one level at a time. And when you zoom out to 1x, all of the other ZoomText features are still there for you.

New Geometric Smoothing. ZoomText now smooths the edges of text in places where xFont magnification can’t go. Here’s a hint; your magnified PDF documents never looked this good.

New Consolidated AppReader. We’ve made automatic reading more efficient and flexible by combining ZoomText’s legacy reading tools into one new AppReader. With the new AppReader you can read right in the target application, or switch on-the-fly to a high contrast text view that’s better for visual reading. You can also spot read blocks of text by clicking and dragging the mouse. So sit back, relax your eyes, and just listen.

New Unified Finder Tool. Locating what you are looking for is easier than ever with the new Finder Tool. Finder lets you search and skim through documents, web pages and email to instantly find any word or phrase you are looking for. You can search through all of the text or only within specific items like headings, forms, links and images. It’s simple, you type and the Finder finds.

New Smart Invert. See photos as they were meant to be seen in Internet Explorer 11. With ZoomText’s new Smart Invert feature, photos are displayed in their natural colors when ZoomText’s Invert Brightness and Invert Colors are active. It’s not an illusion, it’s Smart Invert.

Recent Update

ZoomText 11.4 Update (June 26, 2017)

The ZoomText development and test teams have delivered a very robust ZoomText 11.4. This free update provides expanded support for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, including full 32- and 64-bit support, stable magnification, and our popular Smart Invert feature. In addition, this update also brings a variety of compatibility fixes for popular applications, a new banner and sound cues that improve the usability of ZoomText’s layered command keys, and other refinements to the ZoomText user interface and localizations.

Please install and begin using this build right away. The download link for the full installer is provided directly below.


Release notes document for your review: ZoomText 11.4 release notes

Contact Erin Davis at New England Low Vision and Blindness today to learn about the new features and take advantage of your upgrade discount – Erin@nelowvision.com.

ZoomText 11 ................................................................................................................ $600.00

ZoomText 11 Features

  • xFont Magnification
  • ZoomText Magnifier Features
  • ‘NeoSpeech’ Synthesizer Voices
  • Automatic Document Reading
  • Reading Zones
  • Full Internet Accessibility
  • Text Navigation
  • Typing Echo
  • Mouse Echo
  • SpeakIt Tool
  • Powerful Zoom Windows
  • Enhanced Screen Colors
  • Visible Pointers and Cursors
  • Focus Enhancements
  • Smooth Navigation
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • ZoomText Camera
  • Enhanced Web Finder
  • Desktop Finder
  • Full Windows Logon Support (with ZoomText Logon UI)
  • Browse Mode
  • Page Navigation
  • Tutor Mode
  • Fusion Support for Touch Screen Devices
  • Fusion Special Application Support
  • Learning Center
  • Pronunciation
  • Setup Wizard
  • Easy-to-see, Easy-to-use Installer
  • Fusion Braille Support
  • Fusion Complete Screen Reading
  • Vocalizer Expressive Voices