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ZoomText Fusion 10.1

Supplier: Ai Squared
Photo of ZoomText Fusion 10.1 software

NEW from Ai Squared:

ZoomText Fusion 10.1

Designed for users with advanced or progressive vision loss, ZoomText Fusion provides all the features and benefits of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, along with a complete and full-featured screen reader.

Fusion is perfect for individuals who, over time, want a smooth and easy transition from magnification to full screen reading.  ZoomText Fusion is designed to grow with you, ensuring that you will always be able to use your computer.

Exciting NEW Fusion Features Include:

  • Browse Mode allows you to easily navigate and read web pages using a single keystroke on your keyboard. You can easily navigate to things like your favorite news heading or your favorite place within a webpage.
  • Page Navigation makes it simple and easy to access any part of a webpage, even if you have difficulty seeing it or can’t see it at all.  With Page Navigation, you can quickly get a list of links, frames, tables, headings, lists, anchors, forms, controls, and landmarks that happen to be on the current web page and swiftly navigate to any item you want allowing you to browse the web faster than ever before!
  • Tutor Mode provides real-time assistance and will give you a hint on how to access standard controls via the keyboard.  No matter where you are, Tutor Mode makes using your computer easy to use whether you have low vision or no vision.
  • Learning Center places text, audio and video lessons at your fingertips to assist in self-education.  The videos are completely accessible. All videos are magnified, so you can watch them if you have low vision, hear the accessible audio if you have no vision, or read the text if you are deaf-blind.
  • Speech everywhere you want it, when you want it! Fusion provides you with the most comprehensive and friendly screen reading experience available.  Fusion speaks as much or as little as you want, covering you from low vision to no vision.
  • Setup Wizard allows you to customize how your computer screen looks and how much speech you prefer. Right from the start, you will be able to make your computer look and feel how you want it whether you just want a little speech when your eyes get tired or if you need a lot of speech.
  • Braille support provides ever-expanding support for popular models of refreshable Braille displays.
  • And many other exciting features!

ZoomText Fusion 10.1 ................................................................................................................ $999.00

ZoomText Fusion 10.1 Features

  • xFont Magnification
  • ZoomText Magnifier Features
  • ‘NeoSpeech’ Synthesizer Voices
  • Automatic Document Reading
  • Reading Zones
  • Full Internet Accessibility
  • Text Navigation
  • Typing Echo
  • Mouse Echo
  • SpeakIt Tool
  • Powerful Zoom Windows
  • Enhanced Screen Colors
  • Visible Pointers and Cursors
  • Focus Enhancements
  • Smooth Navigation
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • ZoomText Camera
  • Enhanced Web Finder
  • Desktop Finder
  • Full Windows Logon Support (with ZoomText Logon UI)
  • Browse Mode
  • Page Navigation
  • Tutor Mode
  • Fusion Support for Touch Screen Devices
  • Fusion Special Application Support
  • Learning Center
  • Pronunciation
  • Setup Wizard
  • Easy-to-see, Easy-to-use Installer
  • Fusion Braille Support
  • Fusion Complete Screen Reading
  • Vocalizer Expressive Voices